Privacy Policy

1. About LSREINC 

This Privacy Policy explains all of the information collected by LSREINC, how it is used, and how using this information benefits your browsing experience on our webpages and your experience of LSREINC.

So we can provide multiple points of entry to all of the services we offer, LSREINC, a Arizona-based LLC, operates directly, or by its affiliates, subsidiaries, or providers of service, and online webpages, such as

LSREINC’s corporate headquarters can be found at 7047 E. Greenway Parkway, Suite 250, Scottsdale, AZ 86254, U.S.A.

2. What types of information is collected by LSREINC?

Various information that could identify you personally could include your first and last name; home address, office address

and email; your telephone / fax numbers; credit card information; your date of birth; your gender; annual salary; social security number (in few instances); password or security questions; and information of your lifestyle, such as your room preference, hobbies, and additional information needed to complete special requests (i.e., health issues that may require particular room accommodations).

LSREINC might also store non-personally identifiable information, like how you use our websites, your preferences in communication, travel habits, combined data regarding your stays, and replies to promotional offers and surveys.

3. How does LSREINC collect information?

LSREINC may collect information as part of: (i) completing reservation or requests for information, (ii) replying to communications from LSREINC or our partners (i.e., surveys, promotional offers, or confirmations of reservations), (iii) signing up for, or replying to a request for subscription to our newsletter.

In the event that we collect your information, we might request that you, your place of employment, your relocation company or travel agency provide us with certain information we may need. We attempt to collect information exclusively with your prior knowledge and after obtaining your permission if it is necessary.

LSREINC utilizes cookies and pixel tags (aka Web beacons) to get information during your visit to our websites. Kindly view the cookie policy of LSREINC herein.

4. How does LSREINC contact you?

In line with our commitment to keep you well informed, LSREINC might get in touch with you

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through snail mail, email, phone, text, or through other methods to verify your date of departure, verify your satisfaction with our services, inform you of new LSREINC products or services, or upcoming LSREINC special offers, events, upgrades, or other pertinent information that could be of interest.

LSREINC will use your email address in sending confirmation and, if it is necessary, might use other methods to get in touch with you in order to process your reservation. We might also use your email in order to:

– provide you with details and pre-arrival information;

– keep you informed regarding special offers and promotions;

– communicate dire or emergency-related details;

– provide you with identical copies of your bills upon request; and

– provide you with occasional customer satisfaction / research surveys.

5. When does LSREINC share your information with other parties?

LSREINC might provide your information to other parties in the following ways:

– if you desire to invoice your rental charges to your current employer or another third party, LSREINC might provide personal data that could identify you to said employer or third party and to any companies that aid the aforementioned party in billing invoices;

– when LSREINC reports to issuers of credit cards, agencies that report credit, agencies that check fraud, agencies that collect debt, but only to an extent that may be necessary to obey contractual accords;

– if you elect to do business with LSREINC through, or with aid from, your current employer’s or any other party’s travel agent, relocation company or additional intermediary, we may report information that could personally identify you to said employer or aforementioned intermediary to make, change, or terminate a reservation confirmed by or with the aid of the

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agent, to reply to inquiries or observations made by said agent for you, to facilitate another duty that said employer or intermediary counsels us that you desire that the agent fulfill, or that said agent will, based on an industry standard, typically fulfill;

– when businesses or providers of service that do business actions on the behalf of

LSREINC need information (i.e., processing of credit cards, services related to customer support, administration of market research or services pertaining to database management)

– In the event of an emergency such as in protecting the life, well-being, or belongings of an individual.

If information that could personally identify you is disclosed as previously mentioned, LSREINC will restrict the breadth of said information so it is solely in the quantity needed to perform a specific task. LSREINC might seek confirmation of personal information provided by you on certain applications or forms, or as a tenant of one of our communities, with tertiary parties, including but not limited to your bank, current employer, existing mortgage company or landlord, provider of utilities, government agencies, agencies that screen residents, agencies of credit, and other companies with which you possess an account and/or a valid credit card. Unless restricted by a legal proceeding, LSREINC requires tertiary parties to guard your information that could personally identify you in a similar way as described in this Privacy Policy, and to obey pertinent privacy laws and government regulations.

6. How long does LSREINC store information?

LSREINC will store your information for an absolute maximum of seven years following your final transaction with LSREINC.

7. Your rights

You will be given the option not to provide information that could personally identify you or to choose which communications you would like us to send you.

You might receive mail or additional communications from trusted, curated affiliates, like our referral partners or our surveyors of customer satisfaction. We provide the opportunity to turn down any or all of said communications by using directions provided in our electronic or physical communications, or through getting in touch with LSREINC directly.

To opt out of our mailings, kindly perform the following actions:

– Use directions in a marketing e-mail or physical mail communication from LSREINC, or

– Transmit an email containing your most recent contact information to [email protected]

To access, change or delete your personal information, kindly:

– Transmit an email containing your most recent contact information and your request to [email protected]

When you send a request to change your information in any way, we will fulfill this request within four weeks and LSREINC will communicate with you about the status of the request. In the event that you are under sixteen years of age or younger, we request that you refrain from using LSREINC websites.

8. Forward Transfers

LSREINC will transfer Personal information only to a provider of service, merchant or other party acting as a processor (or sub-processor) of Personal Data for LSREINC where said party has given guarantees that it offers at least an equal level of protection of privacy as what is demanded by this Policy. If LSREINC is made aware that a third party is utilizing or sharing Personal

Data in a way contrary to this Policy, LSREINC will take appropriate and reasonable steps to terminate or prevent the utilization or sharing of said Personal Data.

LSREINC is subjected to the enforcement and investigatory privileges of the Federal Trade

Commission (FTC) in the United States of America.

Occasionally, LSREINC might be forced to disclose information that could personally identify you in responding to legal requirements by public authorities, including in meeting requirements of national security or law enforcement.

9. International Data Transfers

The nature of the operations and business of LSREINC might obligate us to transfer your data to foreign companies, properties, operation centers, centers of data, or providers of service that might be based in foreign nations.

LSREINC does comply with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy

Shield Framework(s), as proposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce pertaining to the collection, utilization, and storage of information that could personally identify you transferred from the E.U. and Switzerland to the U.S. LSREINC has proven to the Department of Commerce that it strictly follows the Privacy Shield Principles. IF any conflict arises between the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy and the Privacy Shield Principles, the Privacy Shield Principles will be the governing principles. If you would like to know more about the Privacy Shield program, and if you desire to see our certification, kindly visit

In accord with the Privacy Shield Principles, LSREINC resolves to solution complaints regarding our storage or utilization of information that could personally identify you. E.U. and Swiss citizens with questions or quarrels in regards to our Privacy Shield policy should first get in touch with LSREINC at: [email protected].

LSREINC has furthermore resolved to send unresolved Privacy Shield disputes to the Information

Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC), other complaint resolution entities based in the U.K. and Switzerland. In the event that you do not obtain punctual acknowledgment of receipt of your dispute from LSREINC, or if LSREINC has not resolved the complaint to your liking, kindly visit or to obtain additional information or to deliver a written complaint. The services provided by the ICO and the FDPIC are available to you for free.

10. Security

Data security is very important to LSREINC. LSREINC is diligent in writing an essay protecting your data from theft, improper use, and unconsenting access or sharing. These measures are informed by the sensitive nature of the information that we retain, process and hold onto, and the modern capabilities of technology. LSREINC’s center of global data was awarded an internationally recognized certification of security: ISO27001, and also SOC1, SOC2 and PCI.

11. Contact

If you should have any thoughts or inquiries in regards to the data privacy practices of LSREINC or the Online

Privacy Statement you are reading, please get in touch with us at [email protected].